Freediving the Revillagigedos by Ron Mullins is considered by those who have seen it as the best blue water video ever made. This video is destined to set a new standard for video documentation of this sport.

Witness the best blue water shot ever documented when world-record holder Greg Pickering stones a 200-pound yellowfin. See giant tiger sharks, manta rays, whale sharks and the incredible beauty of the world of the blue water hunter.

Freedive Made Easy by Dr. Terry Maas is one of two companion videos to his book Freedive! coauthored by David Sipperly.

Terry discusses every aspect of the sport of freediving, from physiology, gear selection, techniques (beginning and advanced) and  pool exercises. Terry tackles the fine points of the surface dive and clearing your ears.

The Joy of Freediving, the companion video to our book Freedive! brings to life the many aspects of this wonderful sport. Follow Theresa Villa who swims with the wild dolphins off Hawaii as she joins in their leaf-passing games. Join Kendall Banks who shows you the basics of under water hockey. Learn the secrets and advantages of taking underwater photographs while freediving. Watch world-record holder, deep diver and model Mehgan Heaney Grier dive effortlessly to 165 feet. Watch as freedivers, using only the air in their chest, capture abalone and game.
Blue Water Hunters narrated by Peter Fonda is the original PBS special that introduced the sport of Blue Water Hunting to the world. This show has been viewed by over 20 million. Begin as freediving champion Dr. Terry Maas interviews the California fathers of freediving and watch rare footage of the first freedives in the state. Shot by Rick Rosenthal, the images presented are stunning. They depict a wild, dangerous and wonderful world to the freediving hunter, diving in water thousands of feet deep, far from shore.
Underwater Fishing in New Zealand

Follow Darren Shields, five times New Zealand national champion in this video, spearfishing and freediving the remote and rugged islands off the coast of New Zealand


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