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Blue Water Hunters

Color image of the video jacket for Blue Water Hunters


Follow National Freediving Champion and world-record holder Terry Maas into the fascinating world of the bluewater hunter.

You'll begin by exploring the history of spearfishing with rare, early footage of the "fathers of freediving." Terry then leads you to French Polynesia where natives hunt the oceans as they have through the ages avoiding the twin dangers of shark attack and shallow-water blackout. In Costa Rica, Terry hunts speedy wahoo; in Mexico he stalks giant yellowfin tuna and in California he swims through kelp forests with seals.

Discover the special excitement of those who swim the open oceans, far from shore, in water thousands of feet deep. See the gear that makes this possible. The program concludes with joyful rides with wild, almost prehistoric, manta rays and a whale shark-all on a single breath.

Blue Water Hunters is the highly acclaimed PBS program featuring the untamed underwater world of the open-ocean freediving spearfisher. Directed by two-time Emmy Award winner Laszlo Pal, this video features freediving by Terry Maas, narration by Peter Fonda and the riveting images of nationally recognized underwater photographer Rick Rosenthal.