Publications by Terry Maas

The Manta Rays of the Revillagigedos (Hawaiian Skin Diver, Freedive Apnea Magazine, Dive Log New Zealand March 2002)
Freediving—Getting started (Skin Diver Magazine Sept 2000)

Return of the white seabass (Western Diver and Hawaii Skin diver)
Death Nets at San Benedicto Island, Mexico
La Paz Black Marlin, one of a few ever taken from North American Waters by a freediver.
For Blue Water Hunters: The story of Greg Pickering's world record yellowfin tuna—307 pounds.
Photographing the sailfish of Panama

Cajin Wahoo (Ono) off the Mississippi in Midwinter (Spearfishing Magazine, International Freediving and Spearfishing News)

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World Record Rules (International Freediving and Spearfishing News, Hawaii Skin diver)

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Blue Water Hunting—Finding fish at the edge of visibility: Freediving and Spearfishing news, Hawaii Skin Diver


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South African finds the tuna grounds—Freediving and Spearfishing News, Hawaii Skin Diver

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Yellowfin tuna for anglers

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After 72 years, the Bottom Scratchers Club of San Diego closes its doors.

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Black Seabass Return?
By Terry Maas & Michael Domeier PhD.
marissa_sealions_2-icon.jpg (24286 bytes) Photographer Jeff Rotman films Terry Maas as he films Marissa Maas swimming with sealions off Anacapa Island, California

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