White Seabass Forever!



Mission and Purpose: To conserve White Seabass, to provide scientific data regarding the sightings and take of WSB and to recognize the conservation ethic of freedivers.



The Freediver's White Seabass Conservation Project is a joint committee of the Underwater Society of America and the International Underwater Spearfishing Association. The project aims to help restore the White Seabass  (WSB) resource. In the process of providing funds for WSB propagation and collecting data about the location and habits of wild WSB, freedivers demonstrate their commitment to resource conservation.

For the spearfisher, we offer an opportunity to replenish the WSB resource. When a participating freediver takes a WSB, he/she will send the Project data on the catch and $20.00, the approximate funds required to rear and set free a captive WSB. (Just follow the link using the "COPY AN AWARD APPLICATION" button on this page.) The data will be used to help researchers evaluate the WSB resource in general and the freedivng community in particular.

This web site also offers individuals an opportunity to share their sightings of WSB with us and, eventually, the scientific community. You may submit the information of your encounter by following the "SUBMIT A SIGHTING" link and filling out the form.

To help foster understanding of the spearfishing freediver and WSB, we have created a speaker's bureau. Simply follow the link to the speakers; they are grouped by geographic region. Each presenter will share a video of wild WSB, hunting WSB by breath hold divers, and the cultivation of WSB for release back to the ocean.


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