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by Terry Maas

Dazzling Photography

See the hidden treasures of the deep up-close, through images that highlight the mysterious and dangerous world of the freediver. Daring stories and stunning pictures enhance this 224-page freediving classic. Over 60 color plates, 50 of them full-page, illustrate chapters on spearfishing and freediving technique, sharks, safety, equipment, photography and the best bluewater hunts over the last 40 years, worldwide. Ride manta rays, swim with dolphin, wrestle giant tuna and encounter one of the most dangerous oceanic predators, the great white shark.

Here is a sample of some of the photos you will find in this unique and beautiful book:

Three white sea bass 3 Large White Seabass
(New rare photo!)
Giant trevally or Ulua Giant Hawaiian Ulua
Schooling yellowfin Giant Yellowfin Tuna surrounding photographer
Bill Boyce
Great white shark Great White Shark up close
Whale shark Terry Maas with Whaleshark
Terry and a son Terry Maas and his son

New Images from the video "The Joy of Freediving"
(Freediving Made Easy by Terry Maas)

Animated spearing of a white sea bass by freediver Ron Mullins takes a
40-pound white seabass

Copyright 1997 Terry Maas, BlueWater Freedivers