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Read about Ian McGonagles amazing catch, a 760-pound blue marlin: "Three tuna broke from the school, one swam between my legs and the other two tried to find shelter in my arm pits. I was busy trying to push one of the tuna far enough away for a shot, when I noticed what provoked such unusual behavior. It was a giant blue marlin, lit up like a neon sign with brilliant blues and golds.....I fired.....my float streaked away like a missile......"
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Read about Paulo Gaspar's record bluefin tuna:
"Even though I desperately needed to come up for air, I couldn't lose this chance.....I made minor adjustments to my wrist....I fired! Instantly, the great tuna stopped, opened its mouth as its tail trembled rapidly......."
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Read about Gerald Lim's 260-pound yellowfin tuna:
"In the blink of an eye, the fish accelerates to warp speed, creates an audible roar and in 2 seconds, carves out three loops of a 50-foot diameter spiral around me, all the while trailing the plume of blood like a crippled fighter plane......."

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And the tiger shark that tried to eat Terry:
"Something was swimming up to me. A shark. Big shark. Boxy face—must be a tiger. Coming straight up.....surely it will veer off soon......"

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