Author, Terry Maas   Terry Maas                                

Terry Maas is a freediving veteran with 40 years of experience and more than 1,500 diving adventures under his weight belt. A member of both the Long Beach Neptunes diving club and the Underwater Society of America, Maas was drawn to this unique sports challenge that pits the breath-hold hunter against fish and predators in the ocean depths—a tradition as old as man himself. Maas shares a deep respect for the undersea world and its many and varied inhabitants with a fraternity of freedivers that extends world wide. It is this colorful community whose experiences and insights Maas gives voice to in Bluewater Hunting and Freediving, Published in 1995, this book has been described by many reviewers at the definitive work on the subject of breath hold diving and spearfishing.

In just two years, 10,000 copies of this book have been sold worldwide, making Bluewater Hunting and Freediving a "bestseller" in the diving industry. His newest book Freedive!, released in April 1998 is destined to be another best seller. His newest video productions: The Joy of Freediving and Freediving Made Easy combine the talents of two-time Emmy Award winner Laszlo Pal and Terry for two of the finest videos on the sport ever made.

Holding consecutive spearfishing records for bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna, Maas has represented the United States in five world spearfishing championships. He has won the U.S. National Spearfishing Championships four times individually; his teams have placed first 12 times. His 1992 video, Bluewater Hunters, produced by Laszlo Pal and photographed by Rick Rosenthal, has been viewed by over 25 million people and has helped introduce the sport of bluewater spearfishing to the world. He has also been featured in the following national television productions: The Extremists, Dive Tech, Dive Today and the news magazine Extra.

His diving has been featured in such publications as: Sports Illustrated, American Airlines magazine, The Miami Herald and the Los Angeles Times. He lectures nationally using his slides and video presentations to educate those interested in the adventure of bluewater hunting. His articles and photographs have been featured in such US magazines as Sport Diver, Skin Diver, Scuba Times, Western Diver and California Diving News. Internationally, his articles appear in Sterne (Germany), Focus (Italy) and Australian Freediving and Spearfishing News. Maas resides in Ventura, California with his wife, two sons and his daughter.

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Author, David Sipperly    David Sipperl                         
David Sipperly, a two-time All-American Freediver, holds instructor credentials for a wide range of freediving and scuba classes, from basic training to instructor certification.David speaks at national and regional dive shows. He is a founding member of Technical Diving International, a member of the Boston Sea Rovers and his photography has appeared in specials for NBC, HBO and The Discovery Channel.


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