by Terry Maas


The images below are reduced from a painting I made entirely on the computer using Photoshop (see details below). If you are interested in using the painting as a  desktop image or to have a large detailed print made, contact me at: tmaas@west.net for details.


A little history on the art work. I have always wanted to get that perfect picture of a white seabass. For years I have stalked them with an underwater camera. The colors in the image I painted were from a memory that sticks in my mind from a dive in the late 70's at Anacapa Island where a gorgeous white seabass swam next to me on the surface. It was lit up like the painting. After working with scanned underwater photographs, I realized that I would never get that "perfect picture" because I could never blow up a 35mm slide up enough to catch the detail I wanted. So I decided to create the image. This painting took most of my free time for over a year and has over 10 times the information (detail) that a 35mm picture contains. I used over 100 of my underwater and topside images of white seabass to make this painting (and a frozen wsb head!), however, except for the kelpfish hidden in the kelp, every pixel was hand painted (I cloned in the kelp fish). The original painting is over 40 inches wide at 300 dpi, large enough for a billboard!

Terry Maas